Motivational Speaker on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace



“One of the most practical forms of making a necessary and vital message reach a large group of people is through the art of motivational speaking”.

Dremik takes note of the dire situation’s persons of our society face within the workplace of being sexually harassed, bullied and victimised.

Dremik offers a way of providing counsel, knowledge and guidance to those affected or unaffected by sexual harassment, bullying and victimisation.

Let Dremik take your hand and not only motivate but drive both employers and employees in a direction of adequate consolation and preparation.

Dremik speaks from a platform of being the “victim” to becoming a “survivor”.

Employees have a VOICE!

Employers want employees to use their voice to “SPEAK OUT” and “ SPEAK UP” against any form of Gender Based Violence.

Let Dremik be the instrument of change in your business to motivate employees that they “HAVE A VOICE” .