The advantages to “On-line Life Coaching”



Online Life-Coaching Sessions and advice for matters pertaining to Harassment, Bullying Victimisation and anxieties around Covid – 19


The advantages to “On-line Life Coaching”

  • Convenience
  • Worldwide Access this capability allows you to be coached by a professional in a different Country
  • Face to Face Model online life coaching still remains face to face, a coach does not lose their ability to read body language and facial expressions while working with a client online and can still respond to non-verbal cues just as if they were sitting in an office setting
  • Anonymity, you don’t have to be seen going in and out of a professional’s office.
  •  You are not billing medical insurance so there is no record of the services being provided except between you and your life coach.
  • Safety and Accessibility

                 -You many get more out of the online coaching experience and feel more comfortable with personal

                   exploration from a distance.

                 -Those with disabilities may find it easier to access help from the safety of their home and not have to navigate

                   accessibility issues.

                 -Depending on where you live and time of appointment, you don’t have to risk the logistics and sometimes

                   personal safety issues with public  transportation, driving, parking and walking to an office

  • No travelling involved
  • You just need a computer and internal access to have a life coaching session whether in the privacy of your home, office, or even car.
  • Relevant documents can be stored right there on your PC, laptop or smart phone

“Take the uncertain Step from comfortability to be the best YOU can be,

living life without boundaries”

Life Coach Kim