Consultant, Trainer and Investigator

Kim, has been shaped into the compassionate, strong and selfless person she is today through many testing challenges as well as joyous moments throughout her lifetime. The biggest challenge that Kim has had to overcome and which has added to her experience was being sexually harassed, bullied and victimised in the workplace for a significant number of years. After enduring a lengthy process seeking justice, the perpetrator got away with a slap on the wrist.

This experience brought Kim to the glaring realisation that she is not alone and that victimisation, bullying and sexual harassment is rife in the workplace and that there are many others just like her currently suffering in silence. She realised that these people needed both a platform and voice whereby their mistreatment could be heard and they could be offered the requisite support in an anonymous and controlled manner. Kim decided to start a company called DREMIK “Kim’s Dream” – DRE = Dream, MIK = Kim spelt backwards. Kim made the decision to affiliate her company with S.Brown Attorneys Incorporated.

Kim, from a young age has always had the deep desire to help the less fortunate and having being bullied at school has been largely driven by her investigative nature in order to protect and uplift the innocent while bringing perpetrators to justice. Having started her career as a secretary and subsequently volunteering as a reservist with the South African Police Service, Kim made the conscious decision to pursue her passion for investigative work by studying for and graduating as a Corporate Forensic Investigator, Security Manager, Safety Officer and fully qualified Trainer, Assessor and Moderator, NLP and Life Coach. Kim has a substantial number of years’ experience in the aforementioned fields.

Kim, is of the strong belief that people should not be oppressed or left without a voice and have the right to speak to someone they can trust as a neutral party. This is where Kim and  S.Brown Attorneys Incorporated offer assistance by means of private consultations at affordable rates, intermediary services for companies to fulfill the function of conducting investigations into sexual harassment, bullying and victimisation cases as well as conducting disciplinaries and the handling of grievance matters in an unbiased and professional manner.

Kim has a strong passion and desire to empower people so that they may stand up to the perpetrator, exposing them and bringing them to justice without the fear of prejudice.

As Kim stated, this not only affects the person being harassed, but in turn their whole family, it affects their health, their confidence which often leads to depression and in turn thoughts of suicide.

Sean Brown, being the director of S.Brown Attorneys Incorporated, has a strong passion for defending matters of sexual harassment, bulling, victimisation and as such, is the perfect individual to affiliate her business with.

You are not alone! We will hold your hand through the process and empower you!