Providing management consulting as a neutral party helping organisations to improve the handling of dealing with existing problems in the workplace, pertaining to sexual harassment, bullying, victimisation, grievance matters and the handling of disciplinary proceedings . These are matters that have to be handled with “kit gloves” and to be procedurally correct in all aspects of dealing with matters of such a nature.

We provide a service whereby the client will obtain external objective advice and access to consultants specialised expertise in terms of “best practice” and a thorough investigation of the matter and in turn findings and recommendations will be put forward to management on how best to address the matter.

We come in as a neutral party for the company getting to the “core” of the problems, whereby instilling a more pleasant working environment and people wanting to come to work because they know that the company respects that they have a voice.

This service offering provides both the company and employee with peace of mind that matters are dealt with in an unbiased manner based on fact finding and evidence.  This will instill a culture that the company is unbiased, does not take sides and have all the parties concerned best interests at heart.

In our experience employees are reluctant to approach direct line management and HR in fear of retribution and the distortion of matters being manipulated in favour of the organisation.

In turn this approach of a neutral party will instill a culture in the organisation that the company takes matters of such a nature seriously and will take all steps possible in getting to the “core” of the matter in a fair, ethical and unbiased manner creating  a trust in the organisations system.