We will assist you in combating the following forms of bullying against your child:

  • Verbal Bullying
  • Physical Bullying
  • Prejudicial Bullying
  • Physical Bullying
  • Cyberbulling
  • Relational Aggression
  • Sexual Bullying
  • Teacher bullying
  • Coach bullying


Cyberbulling in the community

The annual Ipsos Global Advisor study 2018 interviewed 20,793 people from 28 countries, the 2018 study found that South Africa had the overall highest incident of cyberbulling. (information taken from Parent 24 Article dated 28/12/2018 by Lesley-Anne Johannes)

Dremik will guide you and advise you on how to manage the situation and hold the necessary responsible persons accountable if your child is being bullied in accordance with the laws that protect a child against any form of bullying.