DREMIK in affiliation with S.Brown Attorneys Incorporated


To empower people to understand that they HAVE A VOICE whereby we endeavor to incorporate the notion, feeling and belief into the workplace that sexual harassment, bullying and victimisation will become a thing of the past. This being the case because people will have a voice to “SPEAK OUT” and be empowered to stand up for themselves without the fear of retribution, prejudice and subsequent unemployment.

People :  Be a place where you want to come to work and know that your concerns will be heard.


Having non-negotiable values promoted extensively within our business which includes proactive leadership, mutual respect, being client centred and honest, having common decency, generosity of spirit, having passion for what we do, embracing diversity, integrity is of the essence, generosity of spirit and committed to being a professional legal service provider and most of all dealing with each case professionally and fairly.


Our passion and love extend to two NPO’s in our community namely AMCARE and Stepping Stone Hospice which lie very close to our hearts and with which we have a long-standing relationship.






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