DREMIK was formed due to a significant need identified in the market place to offer assistance to companies in dealing with the sensitive nature of “Sexual Harassment , Bullying and Victimisation” complaints and offences in relation thereto in the workplace, including the correct handling of grievance matters.

Companies need to prove in any CCMA Matter / Court Matter (Criminal Proceedings) that they have complied with the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 ( as amended from time to time) in terms of sexual harassment, bullying and victimisation.

In addition to the aforementioned, what is extremely critical for any company today is the question of whether the employer has educated its employees from Chairman to Doorman.

HR is often seen as the enemy in the eyes of a victim acting on behalf of the company / employer and not the employee, thus employees are reluctant to follow the HR process for the fear of a “biased” outcome and the manipulation of the HR system in favour of the company.

DREMIK is passionate about providing a professional (non – bias) service for the company in assisting the company to  legally address the matter between the victim and the alleged perpetrator in a neutral and unbiased manner, but with a fair outcome.

DREMIK is also passionate in ensuring that allegations are professionally investigated and dealt with in a fair, transparent and just manner for all parties concerned.

DREMIK is also able to assist in helping HR foster and maintain a relationship with employees whereby they trust and feel comfortable in approaching them.

DREMIK strives to create a healthy working environment whereby employees understand how to conduct themselves in the workplace to ensure that there is a understanding and clear boundary’s are outlined for all.


To train employees to understand that they “HAVE A VOICE” and that sexual harassment, bullying and victimisation is not tolerated in the company.

That the company has the victim’s best interests in mind and as such  provides  an anonymous tip off line whereby employees may report matters without having the fear of the company being prejudiced against the employee.

By being a neutral entity in our investigations would ensure that all evidence gathered and provide legal advice on how best to address this matter.

To assist the company in creating a working environment whereby all employees understand their boundaries without changing a pleasant working environment and company culture.

That employees would understand the consequences of conducting any of the above mentioned offences or making any false allegations against an innocent employee.

Employees would know their rights and be fully informed of the proceedings in relation to same.

Discrimination and unlawful harassment based on sex is referred to as sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment can occur in any combination of working relationships – among employees or between employees and supervisors.

Employers have one basic obligation to their workers – to provide a safe working environment free from discrimination and harassment. Although a tall and sometimes ambiguous directive, it’s an easy task for employers who understand applicable employment laws, enforce workplace policies and give serious attention to employee complaints.

Stop Sexual Harassment Bullying Victimisation in the workplace