DREMIK was formed due to a significant need identified in the market place to offer assistance to companies in dealing with the sensitive nature of “ Employee Wellbeing” Sexual Harassment , Bullying and Victimisation” complaints and offences in relation thereto in the workplace, including employee wellbeing, workplace equality and the correct handling of grievance matters.

We wish to ensure that companies have complied to labour relation regulations and that the question is asked, “Have ALL employees been educated and supported; from Doorman to Chairman.”

HR is of seen as a representative of the company and not the employee; however, Dremik wishes to investigate and legally resolve issues within companies in a confidential and non-biased manner; considering the input of both the complainant and perpetrator.

Dremik aims to create a healthy working environment for all parties concerned, both in the wellbeing of the business and its employees. To ultimately remind all employees that

“You have a Voice”



Dremik focuses on assisting with workplace grievances and ultimately ensuring that the victim’s best interests are at heart; leaving them feeling that they have a “voice” .

This goal is achieved through a multitude of skill sets ranging from :

  • Setting up of an “internal employee wellness centre” #SafeSpace™
  • Consultancy
  • Life Coaching
  • Investigations (Labour Relations)

In the same regard, Dremik can also assist with issues prevalent to the overall safety of employees:

  • Health and Safety Officer – Specialising in Covid-19
  • Public / Motivational Speaking
  • Corporate Forensic Investigations
  • Public Relations
  • Employee Risk Identification in the Workplace
  • Training – Harassment in the Workplace and Covid-19 Training

Dremik aims to benefit your company in a manner that deals with both “Surface-Level” and “Internal” matters faced by companies across the board.


Stop Sexual Harassment Bullying Victimisation in the workplace